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BIONTEC develops and produces high performance composite components on the basis of bionic fibre textiles. Without waste, just as in nature. BIONTEC combines more than 150 years in textile knowledge with a profound know-how in composite technology. With...
Published on: August 14, 2017
Michelman Fibers & Composites global business unit manufactures a variety of dispersions and emulsions of polymers and waxes used as fiber sizing, binders and lubricants in a variety of fibers and technical textiles/pre-regs that contain glass fiber,...
Published on: January 26, 2017
As a content & community platform, the trade event SALTEX networks intelligent textiles and fibre-reinforced materials – from research towards automation. It will be the meeting point for experts from the plastics, composites, electronics and textile...
Published on: October 19, 2016
The real backbone of every composites, Reinforcements & Textiles are still showing new possibilities and enhancements wherever you look at: fabrics, nonwovens, braids, NCFs, UDs... Here are a few of the latest developments in this field.
Published on: May 4, 2016
ZLBM Muehlenbein KG was established in 2006 as a high tech company. The company is the inventor and manufacturer of high temperature and fireproof composites for applications from 300°C /572°F up to 1300°C/2372°F. Its advanced technology enables them to...
Published on: August 1, 2014
The ITM's research activities are focused on the fields of machinery, technology and product development and include, among others, the processing of fibre-based high-tech materials, carbon, glass, aramid, steel and ceramic fibres with a variety of...
Published on: August 1, 2014
Sakase Adtech Co., Ltd. uses woven patterns inspired from traditional baskets to manufacture its products. Three-directional-woven textiles form stable "hexagonal" shapes, and when compounded, achieve high resistance to tensions in any directions. Shapes...
Published on: August 1, 2014
Within Parker Hannifin, the sales and services automation business unit develops turnkey machines and systems for motion automation. Their product portfolio comprises quilting machines for laminar quilting of home and technical textiles such as airbags...
Published on: August 1, 2014
Texinov is a producer of reinforcements for thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials. Thanks to its technology, Texinov has developed a wide range of textile and metallic reinforcements (grids, stretch or blocked structures, 2D, 3D, open or closed...
Published on: August 1, 2014
Lindauer Dornier GmbH produces and distributes textile and specialty machines. The textile machinery segment includes rapier and air-jet weaving machines for the production of technical textiles, clothing and home textiles. In the area of specialty...
Published on: August 1, 2014
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