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A 3D-printed thermoplastic mold withstood testing in an industrial autoclave
30 May 2016
A test of 3D-printed thermoplastic molds demonstrates the potential of additive manufacturing in the tooling industry.
A laser treatment to help adhesive joining process
27 May 2016
Joining carbon fiber composites and aluminum for lightweight cars and other multi-material high-end products could become less expensive and the joints more robust because of a new method that harnesses a laser’s power and precision.
26 May 2016
The company has entered into a joint venture agreement with Siddha Gas Technik to pursue opportunities in India's natural gas market. Siddha Gas Technik brings over 30 years of natural gas systems and service experience to the joint venture, which will sell CNG automotive and mobile pipeline products.
Hexcel opens a $10 million Innovation Centre in UK
24 May 2016
This center, located in Duxford, is Hexcel’s largest centre for research into resin systems and adhesives.
A hand-held measurement tool which reduces panel inspection time
24 May 2016
According to Third Dimension, its GapGun measurement system reduces MRO inspection times for interior and exterior composite panels by almost 90 per cent.
WINDFORM, the LS materials that make the difference
23 May 2016
Sponsored news - From mind to reality: WINDFORM® materials top partners for high-tech performing sector and custom production
20 May 2016
Scott Bader is expanding its new GelTint volumetric gelcoat RAL colour tinting service to the wider European composites market, having fully trialled and market tested the service with customers in the UK.
Composites UK appoints new board directors for 2016
19 May 2016
Composites UK, the trade association for the UK composites supply chain, appointed its new Board of Directors

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