Céline Largeau
Céline Largeau R&T Project Manager/Development Manager Wind Energy Sector IRT Jules Verne

“When I was a kid I never played with a Barbie,” she remembers. “My Dad bought me toy cars to build. I was always working with him on his old cars and he encouraged me to do engineering at university.”
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Véronique Michaud
Véronique Michaud Associate Professor, Director EPFL – Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites

"We need to show it’s normal to be a woman in industry. I try and encourage them this is something that could interest them, that it is open to them, that they can pursue this career if they want to. I try to reassure them, by sharing my own experience, that it’s possible. Every time I can I try to project the image that it’s normal for women to be in this field, and it’s cool to be in this field."
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Clementine Gallet
Clementine Gallet CEO Coriolis Composites

“… I am not an activist, but I live my femininity quite well in a man’s world, and I find my place there, especially to help other women to feel good in an essentially male environment.”
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