2KM has been producing equipment and systems for the processing of single and multi-component, reactive polymers for over 35 years. They have accrued unrivalled knowledge and experience in the processing of Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Silicones, Methacrylates and much more. The company has the ability to adapt standard machinery or design bespoke solutions specific to the most exacting requirements of material manufacturers and end users.
The company continue to innovate in the composites manufacturing market with new systems on the stand to show the direct infusion ResinMix based around the systems’ ability to control material flow relative to mould back pressure. The company is also developing solutions for in-line degassing and conditioning of liquid resins as well as on going solutions for the bonding of large composite structures. Come along and discuss your requirements with people who understand reactive polymer processing.


Industrie Strasse 6A




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Phone number +49 2264 45 900

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