Adhesive Technologies Ltd (ATL), a privately owned Auckland based company, is the largest manufacturer-formulator of liquid epoxy and vinylester resins in New Zealand.
The company was established in 1977 to manufacture West System Brand Epoxy under license to the Gougeon Brothers, USA. ATL then expanded and developed a complimentary range, with an initial focus on supplying products to the wooden boat building industry. New techniques and construction methods were developed and expansion was rapid; a catalyst for significant growth throughout the local industry. During the 1980s ATL’s cedar strip core construction process dominated the custom boat building sector.
Always a front runner, ATL then developed new laminating epoxies anticipating the arrival of foam cores, carbon and aramid fibers. These soon became the epoxy of choice for construction of contemporary composite boats in New Zealand.
Further development, along with new formulations and products, allows ATL to continue as the leading supplier of epoxy resins and associated materials in the NZ marketplace. The company is also well established as a world leader in the rapidly developing field of composite boats and structures, offering consultation and material supply to top boat builders around the globe. Vessels such as the Americas Cup yachts, Volvo 60’s and luxury superyachts have all been built using ATL’s products, support and technical know-how.


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