Business and technical consulting firm, start up and M&A advisory, international supply chain management. Mostly related to carbon fibre supply chain, from fibers (cooperating in Europe with DowAksa carbon products and UHT Unitech IM and HM carbon fibres).
Design, supply and investment plan for equipments and production lines for carbon fiber converting (from weaving, to prepreg, braiding, pultrusion,filament winding, cutting, tow preg, automation, process integration and so on) and chemicals (resins, resin toughners, additives).
From just a market information, or a product, or a new supplier/new customer, to the full support for the start up of a new plant or production line or the development of a new product or market. Adding also market research for products and suppliers to the full management of the supply chain under purchasing and logistic side.


via Vittorio Veneto 18/D


Fino mornasco


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Via Zanica 26/32 Grassobbio (BG) , 24050, Italy

Via Zanica 26/32 Grassobbio (BG)


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