LEADGO-TECH SHANGHAI CO., LTDA professional supplier and manufacturer of vacuum assistant materials for resin infusion, prepreg/autoclave molding and layup molding. Shanghai Leadgo-tech is established since 1995, certified with ISO9001 and AS9100.
Leadgo-tech have 1000 m2 Technology R&D center in Shanghai with lots of world advanced testing and dialysis equipments; also have a vacuum bagging produce system presence in Ningbo, with 30000 m2 manufactory and large number of equipments.
Thanks to their complete range of products, they can fulfill the needs of constantly developing composites market and various needs from different clients. They supply related vacuum bagging material to several marine and transportation enterprises, in addition of many composites process companies and famous wind energy companies.
Products covers:
Vacuum bagging films
Release films
Peel plies
Sealant tape
Adhesive tape
Infusion media
Tube range
Vacuum tools
Custom made products are available upon request.
Nylon Release Fabric: R85PA66R85PA66 is a low cost porous polyester nylon 6/6 release fabric. It has been heat settled and soured, so that it can set on laminated produces or stick-surface directly. R85PA66 is white with orange tracer yarn each 30cm. So it’s easy to distinguish the direction from the solidified laminated produced. This product has been widely used in wind blades market and large-sized mold in marine industry. It also has been widely used with resin flowing techniques
Physical properties:Material: Nylon 6,6Maximum Use Temperature: 210℃Damage Temperature: 230℃Damage Character: Melting and stickingFabric Weight: 85g/㎡Colour: White with orange tracer yarnDensity: Longitudinal: 194 – Latitudinal:168Yarn Stretch Strength 1370(per); 1160(wrap)Release agent:No
Availability & Packaging:Standard size: L: 100m, 200mW:1.8m,1.52m,1.25m,0.8m,0.6m,0.2m
Release film: LRF315LRF315 is a red or milky coloured high performance temperature PTFE release film. It exhibits excellent elongation porperties and can be used for cures up to 315℃. Due to its high elongation properties the product is suitable for using with most of resin systems, including epoxy, BMI and polyimide. This product can be used on the most difficult shapes and will offer an exellent gloss finish to the mould surfaces.
Physical properties:Material:PTFEMaximum Use Temperature: 315℃Colour: Red, whiteTensile Strength: 29.65MPaElongation: 550%Yield: 25μ(18.5㎡/kg)
Availability & Packaging:Standard thickness: 25μ  50μStandard perforation: P3 P6  (See details on the perforations data sheet)Standard size: 0.8m*150m(25μ) – 0.8m*100m(50μ)


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