Technology Marketing Inc (TMI) is a distributor, sales agent, and manufacturers representative of composite materials, fabrication and processing aids, and technical products for advanced fiber reinforced composites industry, since 1978. It distributes vacuum bagging supplies, thermo-setting resins and adhesives, carbon, fiberglass aramid fabrics, epoxy and phenolic prepregs, tooling board and modeling materials, thermocouple wire, carbide and diamond coated carbide drills, cutters and routers, and ultrasonic cutting tools, Sprayomer spray-on reusable vacuum bag, Bag-Aid pre-kitted bagging, mold releases, tool sealers, and Rohacell core in Aerospace and other markets. The company manufactures autoclave and oven vacuum hoses and thermocouple wire assembles.


6122 Stratler St

Virgin Islands


Salt Lake City

United States

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Phone number +180 12 65 01 11