Composite materials and the challenges of construction

The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2030, 3 billion people will need access to adequate and affordable housing. Furthermore, in the infrastructure sector, many bridges and tunnels require major repairs, two aspects for which composites offer professionals sustainable alternatives. Indeed, their intrinsic benefits, the best known of which are light weight, ease of transport, strength, low maintenance costs and durability, can meet the challenges of construction, renovation and civil engineering.

The recent introduction of composite-related building codes in the United States and similar measures underway in Europe mean that architects and structural engineers now have clear guidelines for the use of composite materials in building exteriors, interiors and structures.

These opportunities are accompanied by a growing focus on all aspects of sustainability related to composites. So, whether in conventional construction or off-site, the composites industry is taking a proactive approach to sustainability challenges, reducing its environmental impacts throughout the value chain.

Aimed at construction and infrastructure professionals from all over the world, the event aimed to raise awareness of the advantages of composite materials and their various uses in reducing the environmental impact of construction, through the presentation of several recent and emblematic projects.



Organised over a half-day, this event, moderated by the editorial team of Construction Europe, KHL Group, included speeches by architects, clients, manufacturers and user companies from all continents. It was divided into several sequences to enable a genuine sharing of experiences:

  • Two round tables:
    • The challenge of reducing CO2 emissions: the benefits of composites for construction.
    • The opportunity offered by standards: new standards and their consequences (Eurocodes, American standards, etc.).
  • Various workshops:
    • Where composites have played a key role in reducing the impact of CO2 emissions.
    • Composites for architecture
    • Composites for civil engineering
    • Composites and technical challenges

The event closed with a cocktail reception for networking between players in the sectors (construction/composite materials).

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