100% rubber tougheners

JEC World 2016 – CVC Thermoset Specialties has developed Hypro reactive liquid polymers that are 100% rubber tougheners, an innovation that increases toughness as with previous Hypro products, but without any free epoxy to be incorporated into formulations, allowing for greater formulation latitude and control over epoxy choice in composites.

100% rubber tougheners

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CVC’s Hypro line of LMW, terminally functional butadiene or butadiene acrylonitrile copolymers have been valued in demanding composites applications for many years due to their ability to provide outstanding improvements in properties such as toughness, fatigue and impact strength.

Hypro 1300×68 and 1300×63, which are100% epoxy terminated rubber tougheners, improve upon this legacy of value by giving additional improvement to toughness in applications such as prepregs, with several advantages over traditional rubber adducts and other toughening technologies that are diluted in epoxy. Advantages of the new 100% rubber tougheners include less impact on the formulated viscosity and higher retention of the glass transition temperature compared to traditional rubber adducts.

Other CVC products designed to enhance performance composites include HyPox RA95, a reactive rubber tackifier particularly suited for epoxy prepregs, and Hypro 1300×40, an epoxy terminated rubber toughener that is diluted 50% in styrene and provides toughness to lower viscosity composite applications such as VARTM.

More information: www.cvc.emeraldmaterials.com
Booth: Hall 6 / J80

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