3D Noodles with pre-defined radii attracts aero industry

The Swedish company 3D Noodle International AB launched four different types of carbon fiber 3D noodle or gusset filler dry pre-forms with pre-defined radii at the recent JEC World 2022 in Paris.

3D Noodles with pre-defined radii attracts aero industry

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A high point of attraction for using them was that these dry 3D noodle pre-forms were ready to implement and designed to fit well in the cavity that gets inevitably formed in the constructions involving formation of web-flange junction due to the occurrence of oppositely curving sheets of fabrics/pre-pregs.

Four different types of carbon fiber 3D noodles, covering the entire spectrum of application needs, were displayed. From types that are to be incorporated straight to those that are required to curve, either in-plane (left-right) or out-of-plane (up-down), and that which enables formation of a desired radius.

3D Noodles International inaugurates aerospace-ready carbon fiber 3D  noodles | CompositesWorld

These novel carbon fiber 3D noodles attracted large interest, especially from the aero sector. That these ready-to-implement 3D noodles would help in increasing productivity and consistency of quality of their composite material products was apparent to them. These 3D noodles, while fitting properly in the cavity would ensure unnecessary accumulation of the matrix material and hence render the composite material product correspondingly lighter, they would at the same time also uniquely strengthen the most critical load transferring web-flange junction and thereby increase the reliability of the construction.

3D fabric noodles.
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