A 13.6 MW offshore wind turbine unveiled in Fujian province, China 

China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG), a Chinese state-owned power company, and the Chinese multinational wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind jointly held a ceremony for the coming off the production line of a 13.6 MW high-capacity offshore wind turbine in Fujian Three Gorges Offshore Wind Power International Industrial Park, Fujian province.

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According to CTG, this unit is currently the largest wind turbine in the world with the largest impeller diameter and the largest single-unit capacity in the Asia-Pacific region. “It marks that China’s offshore wind power high-capacity unit R&D and manufacturing capabilities have reached a new level and can compete on the international scene”, says CTG. 

The 13.6 MW offshore wind turbine that has been rolled out is independently developed by Goldwind. The diameter of the impeller is 252 meters, and the swept area of ​​the impeller is about 50,000 square meters. At full wind speed, a single unit can generate 29 kWh of electricity per revolution, and can output 63.5 million kWh of clean electricity every year. 

Fujian Three Gorges Offshore Wind Power International Industrial Park is the first full-industry-chain offshore wind power industrial park in China. Here, Goldwind and Dongfang Electric have successively rolled off high-capacity offshore wind turbines of 6.7 MW, 8 MW, 10 MW and 13 MW. The 13.6 MW unit off the assembly line marks another important breakthrough in the high-end equipment R&D and manufacturing capabilities of Fujian Three Gorges Offshore Wind Power International Industrial Park. 

China’s offshore wind farms are close to the eastern coastal load center, where the offshore wind conditions are generally better than those on land. In particular, Fujian Province is located on the west coast of the Taiwan Strait. In this area, affected by the “narrow tube effect”, the annual average wind speed at sea can reach about 9 meters per second, and the offshore wind resources are at the forefront of the country.

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