A new wave in Surfboard lamination

ATL Composites have launched Kinetix R111 a clear, bright laminating system for production surfboard lamination, which is being hailed “a game-changer” by the industry’s leading proponents.

A new wave in Surfboard lamination

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Kinetix R111 is a solvent free liquid epoxy resin optimised with a translucent blue tint that produces a clear, bright finish.

It cures to a bloom-free finish that is UV stable and has excellent resistance to yellowing. With a choice of two hardener speeds, fabricators have a choice of flip speeds – the H130 Fast can be flipped within 3 hours and sanded within 5 hours at 25°C*, which is approximately half the turnaround time of the H125 Standard hardener.

Jake Holloway, COO at Shapers, appointed National Distributors for Kinetix R111, says the system represents “a new benchmark for production boards”.

A new wave in Surfboard lamination

Jake asserts:

“Kinetix R111 is the most advanced system on the market. It has a tinted blue undertone that creates a whiter brighter surfboard. This attribute allows epoxy surfboards to maintain a new board look for a longer period of its product lifespan. These attributes benefit retailers selling surfboards manufactured with the Kinetix R111, board manufacturers who are able to produce the best looking boards and surfers who will appreciate a surfboard that maintains the new board look for a longer period.

This new product sets the benchmark for an epoxy system that was user friendly and allowed for quick production times while offering the highest possible performance. The R111 continues to offers same level of user friendliness as found across the Kinetix series.”  

A new wave in Surfboard lamination

More information www.atlcomposites.com.au