Aerovac Composites One announces Argosy International as distribution partner in Asia

Aerovac Composites One, a leading supplier of Vacuum Bagging and Process Materials, has announced that it has authorized Argosy International to exclusively distribute product throughout certain Asia markets including China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Argosy International is a global supplier of specialty materials and services that solve challenging technical and business problems.

Aerovac Composites One announces Argosy International as distribution partner in Asia

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Aerovac was acquired by Composites One in 2021 when it completed its purchase of the Process Materials business from Solvay Composites Materials Global Business. The acquisition was a unique opportunity for the company to add international manufacturing and sales capabilities in specialized materials used in a variety of vacuum-assisted composite manufacturing processes.

The Aerovac line is comprised of an extensive array of vacuum bagging materials, including bagging films, breather fabrics, release films, peel plies, sealant tapes, valves, and hoses. Aerovac also supplies 2D and 3D tailored process materials kits and hard and soft tooling.

“We are pleased to support this distinguished distribution partner.” said Robert Murdock, Vice President and General Manager, Aerovac Composites One. “It is our desire to further reinforce the Aerovac Composites One brand and allow customers in Asian markets to experience distribution that makes it easy for them to meet their production goals.” 

“We believe that Aerovac Composites One will be a great partner for Argosy International,” said Ryan Flugel, President, Argosy International. “We have been a partner in bringing these products to market for many years, and we look forward to collaboration with Aerovac Composites One.”

Mr. Flugel further added, “Argosy International has been distributing specialty material for over 30 years and we will continue to offer Aerovac’s high quality process materials and tooling solutions as we support our many customers, while enjoying the support of a well-managed, customer-centric, composites-focused company.”

Aerovac Composites One has multiple distribution partners worldwide, including Composites One in North America. In addition, it provides Kitting Services, Processing, and Tooling design in Toulouse, France, and with Manufacturing of Film and Kitting Services located in Mondovi, Italy.

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