AGM launches a range of eco-friendly graphene dispersions

New range empowers paints, coatings and composites manufacturers to improve the sustainability of their products without compromising on performance.

AGM launches a range of eco-friendly graphene dispersions

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Applied Graphene Materials, the producer of specialty graphene nanoplatelet dispersions, has launched a ground-breaking new range of eco-friendly graphene nanoplatelet dispersions that will enable paints, coatings and composite materials customers to improve the sustainability of their product formulations in response to growing market pressures.
Materials suppliers are being driven to invest in biobased innovation as customers and their end consumers become increasingly aware of the safety and environmental impact of the raw materials they use. Growing pressure to comply with stringent health and safety legislation and demonstrate a reduced environmental impact is forcing manufacturers to progressively introduce bioderived alternatives to traditional chemicals. All ten of the top ten coatings companies by global sales now offer eco-friendly products with low-VOC emissions, and the reduction or replacement of traditional solvents is now a high priority.

AGM’s Genable® 1700 series of eco-friendly graphene nanoplatelet dispersions, are based on the Company’s well-established graphene dispersion technology, which is already proven to deliver significant performance uplifts such as chemical resistance, barrier and anticorrosion properties. Genable® graphene dispersions are integrated with a selection of certified, fully biobased solvents and resins available in the market, including Cyrene™ (dihydrolevoglucosenone), an award-winning biorenewable solvent, and industry-leading renewable resins Entropy Resin One and Entropy Resin CCR, a solvent-free liquid epoxy resin and a solvent-free hydroxy functional polyester.

The Genable® 1700 series product range is now available for sampling evaluation by customers for use in a wide range of liquid coatings and composite materials formulating applications.

AGM’s focus on continued innovation and the development of sustainable products will ensure the Company not only continues to meet the qualifying criteria and purchasing requirements of current and future customers, but will also remain essential to their sustainable supply chains in the future.
The launch of this new sustainable range for customers reflects AGM’s own sustainability commitment to continuous improvement to align with the principles of the UN Sustainability Development Goals; a framework which is integral to the environmental work of the global sectors in which it operates.

Adrian Potts, Chief Executive Officer of AGM, said:
“I am proud that AGM is taking a leading role in delivering graphene in sustainable formats that will help our customers reduce the environmental impact of their products. Today, we are able to help paints, coatings and composite materials formulators achieve their sustainability goals through the supply of a new eco-friendly range of graphene dispersions. Based on AGM’s already proven graphene nanoplatelet technology, these new biobased graphene products offer the industry a more responsible means of benefitting from the significant performance uplifts arising from the use of graphene nanoplatelets, such as chemical resistance, barrier and anticorrosion properties.

AGM is committed to being part of a sustainable supply chain. We believe that through our constant product innovation we can empower our customers to not only set new product performance standards, but new sustainability standards for their industries.”

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