AGM showcases latest technology at JEC Composites Connect

The AGM team will be showcasing its graphene nanoplatelet dispersions for polymer and composite applications during the show, an event which will bring together key industry players across the composites community to discuss global trends and new technologies being brought to market.

AGM showcases latest technology at JEC Composites Connect

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With the correct incorporation through advanced materials engineering, graphene nanoplatelets can offer composite materials improved mechanical properties, such as fracture toughness and durability, as well as enabling weight reduction across a variety of applications. Innovative collaboration projects have ranged from next-generation cryogenic pressure tanks, to automotive body panels and ocean fishing rods.

Discover the Genable® dispersions
The unique and exciting properties of graphene are well known, but the key to its successful adoption in real industrial systems is enabling its addition in a form that is not only easy and safe to handle but optimised to ensure the maximum performance levels of this game-changing material. AGM has developed an industry-leading position in the dispersion of graphene nanoplatelets.

The Genable products, utilising AGM’s proprietary technology, comprising of more than 25 individual user-friendly dispersion. Each product is formulated to ensure long term in-can stability without the risk of graphene and easy incorporation into both new and existing industrial product developments, thus enabling industry formulators to consistently access the exciting performance attributes of AGM’s graphene nanoplatelets.

The Genable dispersion product ranges deliver graphene nanoplatelet’s breakthrough performance enhancements to a range of application including paints and coatings, batteries and energy storage, polymer composites and lubricants, car waxes and polishes.

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