Airtech showcases low CTE thermoplastic resin for large scale 3D printing

Airtech’s new Tooling of Tomorrow-ToT, initiative has committed to leverage its 50 years of polymer extrusion and manufacturing expertise to address the needs of the large-scale thermoplastic composite 3D printed tooling industry.

Airtech showcases low CTE thermoplastic resin for large scale 3D printing

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Additional facilities, equipment, and staff with over 15 years of large scale additive experience have been added to the global team to support this effort. The high throughput and relative low cost manufacturing method of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is used to create large tooling structures and surfaces for low to high temperature lay-up molds, trim or assembly fixtures, or masters. These demanding tooling applications require the structures and the materials they are made from to be durable and dimensionally stable.

Airtech has developed a new series of innovative polymer composite resins, Dahltram®, for use in large scale 3D printing that has addressed the need for lower CTE and a more robust service life when used at low or high temperatures, including use in an autoclave.

These thermoplastic composite resins are designed for use in any pellet fed FDM printing system. Airtech is utilizing its facilities in Springfield, TN (USA) and Differdange, Luxembourg to house a pair of largest commercially available 3D printers (10’x40′) to offer its Print-tech® full-service tooling manufacturing solutions exclusively with Dahltram® resins, as well as support for continued research and development of future resins offerings for their global customers.

Meet Airtech team on JEC Composites Connect, June 1-2-3, 2021.

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