ALMACO and JEC Group promote networking event for the composites community

JEC Composites Talks Brazil brought together around one hundred representatives of raw material manufacturers, parts manufacturers, and end users.

ALMACO and JEC Group promote networking event for the composites community

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Around 100 people participated on the 24th of August in São Paulo (Brazil) in the JEC Composites Talks Brazil. This networking event brought together the composites community to exchange information on trends, share knowledge, and generate business opportunities.

Organized by the JEC Group and the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO), JEC Composites Talks Brasil featured the following lectures:

  • “Global Composites Industry Trends and JEC Activities,” Eric Pierrejean, CEO of JEC Group, Nelly Baron, VP of Marketing and Communications, and Yohann Cailleau, International Sales Manager
  • “The Brazilian composites industry and the ALMACO pavilion at JEC World 2024“, Erika Bernardino Aprá and Rodrigo Braga, president and vice president of ALMACO
  • “Current overview and challenges of the Brazilian rebars market and the Stratus success case,” Elton Landgraf Guiguer, senior product engineer at Owens Corning, and Marcos Lima, business manager at Stratus
  • “Current overview and challenges of the Brazilian truck market,” Alexandre Dias de Oliveira, manager of cabin engineering and finishing at Volkswagen 
  • “Applications and opportunities for composite materials in the railway sector,” Carlos Scheliga, head of the department at São Paulo Metropolitan Trains Company (CPTM)
  • “Use of composites in the oil industry,” Claudio Jarreta, specialist in non-metallic materials at Petrobras
  • “Energy transition and renewable energies: an industrialization opportunity for Brazil,” Carolina Kimura, technical analyst at the Brazilian Wind Energy Association (ABEEólica)

According to Erika Bernardino Aprá, president of ALMACO, the event helped to show the countless possibilities that exist in Brazil for the advancement of composite materials. “ALMACO fulfilled its role of connecting the links in the production chain with important consumer segments,” she comments.

Eric Pierrejean, CEO of the JEC Group, highlighted the presence of leaders in the Brazilian composites industry. “It was also exciting to hear the end users’ views,” he says. 

More information www.almaco.org.br