Anaglyph releases new Laminate Tools version 5.1

Anaglyph has just released a new version of their Laminate Tools software for composites design, analysis and manufacturing.

Anaglyph releases new Laminate Tools version 5.1

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Laminate Tools Version 5.1 builds on the powerful features introduced with v5.0, improves functionality and stability and further enhances the capabilities of this fantastic product. A number of user-driven functions in the Design, Check and Manufacture modules, have been added.

Efficient, speedy response to user actions was further improved, with spectacular effect in some cases.

The user interface has been adapted for use with PlyMatch hardware, as with earlier versions.

Laminate Tools is a stand-alone Windows application addressing the entire Design-Analysis-Check-Manufacture group process of structural design, but focusing on the composite material features. It is modular and consists of six modules: View, Geometry, Design, Analysis, Check and Manufacture. The View module exhibits read-only viewing functionality that allows for easy, in-depth examination and understanding of the composite design. The other five modules (Geometry, Design, Analysis, Check, Manufacture) extend the product’s outstanding functionality by importing surface geometry, creating Ply and Layup material information, FE laminate properties, checking FEA stress results, generating failure indices, exporting Ply patterns and enabling information flow between third-party applications. Laminate Tools offers  the benefit of a flexible work flow, as it has native interfaces to Nastran, Ansys, Abaqus, HyperMesh, OptiStruct, SOLIDWORKS, Rhino and can communicate with most CAD and FEA applications via industry standard file formats.

More information www.anaglyph.co.uk