ArianeGroup is launching MaiaSpace

ArianeGroup is launching MaiaSpace to accelerate the pace of Europe’s access to space, and to develop the first reusable and eco-responsible European mini launcher as fast as possible.

ArianeGroup is launching MaiaSpace

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MaiaSpace is an ArianeGroup affiliate working in start-up mode using agile development methods. Its mission is to develop the Maia mini launcher – accelerating the maturation and the in-flight validation of reusable technologies needed to develop the future European family of launchers.

Maia will also deliver a very competitive dedicated launch service for small satellites, which need reactive and precise orbit positioning, in addition to the rideshare solutions offered by ArianeSpace. It will be suitable for nanosats, micro sat and small satellites. Its core target will be satellites in the 500kg-class in Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO), or small constellations of smaller satellites.

Maia is fully consistent with the vision proposed by ArianeGroup to European Space Agency – ESA and to the European Commission for the future European space transportation system. The proposed family of European reusable and eco-responsible launchers (based on common technological building blocks) includes a mini launcher (Maia), a medium launcher, a heavy launcher, and a super-heavy launcher.

MaiaSpace will leverage ArianeGroup expertise, the Prometheus engine, and the technologies developed in the frame of Themis’ reusable stage demonstrator.

The first flight will take place in 2026 at the latest, starting with commercial exploitation.

More information www.ariane.group