Arkema opens a center of excellence for photocuring technology

Following the acquisition of Lambson —a global player specializing in the development and supply of photoinitiators— Arkema opens a Center of Excellence in Wetherby (UK) and provides its customers and partners with expertise and comprehensive, high-performance solutions for UV technology. Integrated into the photocurable specialties business of Sartomer, this center is a key component of the growth and development strategy for photocuring, a solvent-free sustainable technology of the future.

Arkema opens a center of excellence for photocuring technology

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To serve its customers, Arkema is opening a Center of Excellence in Wetherby, UK. Equipped with first-rate equipment and led by an experienced team with unique expertise in photoinitiator synthesis and formulation, this center will provide an exceptional collaborative space for developing and fine-tuning solutions that are tailored to the challenges of our customers and partners, particularly in the electronics, 3D printing, inks, adhesives, and high-performance coatings markets.

Laurent Peyronneau, CEO of Sartomer and VP of Arkema’s Coating Solutions said:
“The center supports both experienced formulators and those new to energy curing technology who are seeking state-of-the-art UV resin and photoinitiator systems expertise. It also brings together technologies and know-how to address energy curing challenges and develop innovative solutions to unlock new opportunities.”

This cutting-edge laboratory will complement the existing network of research and application centers dedicated to Arkema’s Coating Solutions so that to Arkema’s performance additives. These additives enhance the Group’s expertise in many areas and play an essential role in the design and development of innovative products, and new applications in the fields of Coatings, Adhesives, and Advanced Materials.

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