Belotti launch its new branch: Belotti America

Belotti America, Inc. is all about Shaping the Future of the Italian-designed CNC Machining Centers in a strategic market such as United States.

Belotti launch its new branch: Belotti America

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Belotti SpA announces the opening of Belotti America, Inc. that will be headquartered next to DFW Airport in Irving, Texas (USA). Following the successful launch of Belotti Deutschland and the celebration of its 40th anniversary of designing and manufacturing 3- and 5-axis CNC centers, the new subsidiary represents the intention of enhancing Belotti’s presence while supporting and growing its customer base in North America. The new branch is also the consistent evolution of the Group’s strategy for its key markets, such as gradually building a direct presence besides the already existing locally-represented distribution model.

Loris Valsecchi, Sales Director of Belotti SpA explains:

“Our new location is perfectly centered to serve all of our North American customers and prospects and with DFW Airport being one of the busiest airports in the world we will be well positioned to serve our customers efficiently when the need arises for parts or service.
The facility will reinforce the Sales, Services and Installation Support in this market – being home to Customer Service, Parts, Sales,  Administration – and will include a showroom for demonstrations and trainings to customers, sales representatives, field service engineers and apprentices. We have great expectations for the American market, especially in aerospace, where we already have a good history. Through our direct presence, we aim at becoming an effective system-supplier, not only proposing milling machine tools, but actually bringing the extensive portfolio of our advanced solutions dedicated to aeronautical applications”.

Most of the machines that are built by Belotti today are medium to large sized 5-axis machining centers and are used to mill, trim and drill composites, light alloys, plastics and tooling & modeling board. Belotti range also includes medium to large sized 3-axis machining centers, often equipped with glass scales to further enhance their long-term performance. Some of these high performance 3 and 5-axis machines are used for machining aluminum and technical plastics sheets for packaging, aerospace and transportation applications as well as other mechanical engineering components and measurement tools.

Todd Hammer, President & CEO of the newly established subsidiary said:

“Reliability has been a cornerstone of the Belotti philosophy from day one. It really defeats the purpose to design and build a highly accurate machine tool, that can provide an excellent surface finish, only to have it fail prematurely. Therefore we include features such as pressurized bellow covers and effective dust collection on well-engineered machines to provide the Best of Both Worlds”.

Building on Belotti’s 40-years of success, Belotti America opens their doors with an enviable position in the sectors of Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Space and Transportation. Through prior relationships with distributors in Canada, Mexico and the United States, the company already has a very nice install base in these markets and has plans to expand on it. The new subsidiary will follow the Belotti path with the ultimate goal of helping existing and new customers increase their productivity and profitability.

Bruno Mazzoleni, Product Sales Manager, added:

“Our founder, Luciano Belotti, constantly stressed to us that we must anticipate trends in the industries that we serve rather than follow them. This has proven to be a Win-Win philosophy for us and our customers”.

More information www.belotti.com