Bio-based bicycle bridge in the Netherlands

The province of Friesland in the Netherlands is building a movable bicycle bridge made of biocomposite. If everything goes according to plan, the bridge will be turned into fertiliser in 100 years.

Bio-based bicycle bridge in the Netherlands

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Bio-based bicycle bridge in the NetherlandsThis project called DRIVE is the second biobased bridge in the Netherlands.

Innovative bio-composite bicycle swing bridge “Ritsumasyl” shows why the industry should embrace bio-based composites. Compared to the previous concrete bridge, the new one is feather light. The construction weighs 30 tons, compared to 400 tons if it would have been made of concrete. 

Key benefits

  • Controlled environmental footprint
  • Use of a bio-sourced flax mat
  • Compromise between mechanical properties and optimized costs
  • Lightweight
  • Biodegradable and compostable

More information www.bcomp.ch