Brazilian composites industry meets Top of Mind 2021 finalists

Latin American Association of Composite Materials (ALMACO) has just completed the survey that identified the three most voted companies in each of the 27 categories in the Top of Mind of the Composites Industry 2021. During one month, 7,911 votes from representatives of the material production chain and final consumers were computed – electronic and spontaneous voting.

Brazilian composites industry meets Top of Mind 2021 finalists

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Promoted by ALMACO since 2010, Top of Mind is the main award in the composites sector – a type of special plastic present in more than 70 thousand applications in the civil construction, transport, wind energy, chemical and nautical sectors, among others.

The winners will be announced on 12/09, at 7 pm (Brazil time), through a video posted on ALMACO’s social networks and website.

Check out the Top of Mind finalists below:

Polyester Resin: INEOS – Novapol – Polynt-Reichhold
Epoxy Resin: Maxepóxi – Olin – Redelease
Vinyl Ester Resin: INEOS – Polynt-Reichhold – Redelease
Glass Fiber: CPIC – Jushi – Owens Corning
Carbon Fiber: Fibertex – Redelease – Texiglass
Fabrics: Fibertex – Saertex – Texiglass
Adhesives: FCI-Marbocote – Parker LORD – Henkel
Peroxides: Ambertech – Nouryon – Redelease
Gelcoat: Dilutec – Morquímica – Polynt-Reichhold
Molding Compound: FBMix – LyondellBasell – Novapol
Release Agent: AmberTech – Chem-Trend – Redelease
Polyurethane: Basf – Dow – Purcom
Additive: BYK – Polystell – Redelease
Manual Process (spray-up e hand lay-up): Fibrasol – Gatron – Igui Piscinas
RTM: Caio – Fiacbras – Gatron
SMC: Jointech – LyondellBasell – Novapol
BMC: FB Mix – Fiberville – LyondellBasell
Pultrusion: Cogumelo – Enmac – Gatron
Infusion: Barracuda – Gatron – Intermarine
Filament Winding: Petrofisa – Stringal Hurner – Tecniplas
Continuous Lamination: Caio – Fibralit – Vetroresina
Molds Manufacturers: Bruno Moldes – Desafio – Gatron
Equipment: ABCol – Fibermaq – Transtécnica
Distributor: Diprofiber – Redelease – VI Fiberglass
Innovation: Gatron – Polystell – Purcom
Composites: INEOS – Marcopolo – Owens Corning
Wind Energy: Gatron – LM Wind Power – Owens Corning

Top of Mind of the Composites Industry 2021 is an action supported by the following companies: BYK, Gatron, INEOS Composites, LyondellBasell, Owens Corning, Parker LORD, Polystell, Purcom and Texiglass.

More information www.almaco.org.br