BriskHeat updates silicone rubber blankets

BriskHeat has enhanced its Composite Curing SR Series Heating Blankets. The silicone blankets are now ultra-flexible, up to 0.25 in (6 mm) radii, and even more reliable, with a three-year warranty (extended from the previous two-year warranty). In addition, the blankets are now compatible with any plug, from any competing hot bonder.

BriskHeat updates silicone rubber blankets

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The blankets provide an efficient, non-stress way to produce uniform heat up to 450 °F. They are moisture, chemical and radiation-resistant, and compatible with BriskHeat’s ACR hot bonders.

Used in industries including aerospace, aviation, marine, sporting goods, automotive, and military, the flexible blankets are suitable for leading and trailing edge applications. They can be utilized on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, and provide a smooth surface against repairs, leaving no imprints.

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