In the final lap before JEC World!

JEC World is approaching, and it’s worth noting that the event is returning to its original schedule, marking a significant milestone since the onset of the health crisis and its lingering impact. A symbolic move, and while we have come back from the illusion of a saving « New Normal », it’s reassuring to see that certain crises, which heavily impeded activities, are fading.

In the final lap before JEC World!

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We’re coming up to the last lap before the opening of JEC World and we’re delighted to share the preview of the event with you.

A preview like a condensed version of an abundant source that foreshadows the upcoming growth of the composites market. A source in full effervescence from which streams of innovations emerge. From the chrysalises of the Startup Booster to the butterflies of the Innovation Awards.

These innovations also serve as a driver of economic growth, and it is worth noting that the composites market has doubled over the past twenty years. Beyond the exceptional phenomenon of the Covid crisis, the composites industry is experiencing steady expansion, and it has resumed its forward march in 2023.

The composites industry is also embracing the pressing new horizon of sustainability. On this front, things are accelerating rapidly, and the invention, or more precisely, the discovery of balanced circularity, is not simple. The topic is on everyone’s lips, in all project specifications, and there is no doubt that it will be one of the mottos of JEC World 2024… and the following editions!

Quick overview of the table of content:

• “Toray actively considers the environmental consequences of every of its investments”

• “Our capability is ideal for sectors where highly-tailored design of composite structures is needed” with New Frontier Technologies Pty Ltd
• Renewable Carbon Initiative speaks in favour of a comprehensive carbon management
• Brazilian consumption of composites tends to lower levels with Almaco

• Precise and efficient cutting (sawing) of lightweight core materials with HEMA
• Automated manufacturing of complex structures for advanced air mobility with Flyber Aerospace Composites
• Additive manufacturing of continuous-fibre composites with Tecnalia

Feature Innovations
• 3D-printed fibre-reinforced concrete: a new era for the construction industry? with XtreeE
• VOC-free epoxy system for sustainable FRP rebar with Olin
• Industry 5.0 empowers automotive sector to reach Europe’s carbon neutral goals with Hexagon

Special JAC World 2024 Preview
• All you need to know about the JEC World 2024 event
• Innovation report digest

• Carbon-14 biobased content testing of composite materials with Beta Analytic
• A panel of recycling routes for flax-PLA laminated sheets with Kaïros
• Inside the lab: Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

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