New McLaren Artura Spider: supercar « feather roof »

McLaren has just unveiled the new Artura Spider, the brand’s first hybrid convertible. The 3.0-liter V6 engine and electric motor now deliver a combined power of 700 hp! The supercar also features an ultra-lightweight retractable hardtop that deploys in just 11 seconds.

New McLaren Artura Spider: supercar « feather roof »

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Two months after the launch of the new GTS, McLaren once again impresses by revealing the new Artura Spider. It is the brand’s first hybrid convertible, and the supercar stuns with spectacular acceleration performance, very close to that of the coupe: it reaches 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds and 0 to 200 km/h in 8.4 seconds! To control this power, the McLaren is equipped with a high-tech braking system, featuring carbon-ceramic discs (390 mm front / 380 mm rear) paired with forged aluminum brake calipers (6 pistons front / 4 pistons rear).
Despite its 700 hp, the Artura Spider fully exploits its hybrid system and only emits 108 g/km of CO2 according to homologation tests. Moreover, the fuel consumption is rated at 4.8 l / 100 km in EU WLTP mixed cycle, with an electric-only range of 33 km.

New McLaren Artura Spider: supercar feature roof
The complete composites roof structure of the Artura Spider adds only 62 kg compared to the Artura Coupé!

The latest generations of supercars are becoming increasingly high-performing

“The new Artura is absolutely the complete next-generation supercar, whichever model you choose. We have upgraded the powertrain and the chassis systems to deliver more power, more dynamic performance and even higher levels of connection with the driver – without any compromise in everyday driving. And now alongside the new Artura coupe we have the Artura Spider, a new convertible that has all of these improvements and brings another dimension of open-air McLaren supercar exhilaration to our range”, underlines Michael Leiters, CEO, McLaren Automotive.

McLaren knows how to make the most of carbon fiber

It’s part of McLaren’s DNA, but weight reduction was one of the priorities in the Artura’s specifications, particularly for the wiring, reduced by 25%, and for the retractable roof, a crucial module for a spider. « The new Artura Spider has a dry weight of just 1,457 kg, with a curb weight (DIN) of only 1,560 kg, just 62 kg more than the Artura Coupé. These figures make the new Spider the lightest vehicle among its convertible competitors, by 83 kg », highlights a spokesman for the group, emphasizing that the Artura Spider is based on the McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA). The engine and battery pack are positioned at the rear of the vehicle, mounted on a carbon fibre floor.

The first deliveries of the McLaren Artura Spider are scheduled for mid-2024.

The retractable hard top (RHT) in composites is truly impressive

As a central element for a convertible vehicle, the RHT is a showcase of high technology. Firstly, the complete structure of the roof in composites, along with its mechanism and eight small electric motors, which are very silent by the way, adds only 62 kg compared to the Coupé version! Secondly, this retractable hard top deploys or retracts in just 11 seconds. « Furthermore, the shape of the roof has been designed to channel air towards the outlet, known as the « chimney », specially repositioned to accelerate the flow of hot air from the powertrain », concludes a spokesperson for the group, noting that the first deliveries of the Artura Spider are expected in mid-2024. In the United States, the supercar is offered in standard version at $273,800. In France, it starts from €272,250.

Cover picture: A new laboratory for lightweighting, the McLaren Artura Spider leverages the full potential of carbon fibre. – All pictures: McLaren

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