Carbitex expands flexible carbon plate innovations for work and sport

Carbitex, the maker of flexible carbon fiber composites, expanded the advancements across its flexible AFX technology platform with two carbon fiber solutions.

Carbitex expands flexible carbon plate innovations for work and sport

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AFX anti-puncture (AFX-AP), designed for added protection in the workwear category, and AFX Formed, focused on performance athletic footwear. Both build on the brand’s asymmetrically flexible AFX technology platform that is stiff in one direction and highly flexible in the other.

Carbitex AFX-AP material is a multi-layer composite plate with a high degree of performance. It is a patented plate with anti-puncture protection and asymmetric flexibility that provides comfort while preventing the foot from over-flexing with increased flexibility in the other direction for more ergonomic movement.

Carbitex’s latest material innovation allows for lighter-weight work shoes not requiring heavy protective soles and excels in safety, stability and performance.

AFX-AP passes global industry test standards (ASTM F2412-11, EN 12568:2010, CZA Z195-14) and is suited for workers at increased risk of underfoot injury in construction, workwear and utility work.

For the athletic performance footwear market, Carbitex AFX Formed expands on the company’s AFX flexible carbon plate material with a pre-formed angle to generate a responsive landing while allowing for a more natural toe-off. AFX Formed provides a responsive ride, stability to increase efficiency over time and protects the foot to align with a runner’s natural gait. Carbitex customizes its AFX Formed plate to each brand partner’s requirements and shoe designs.

“AFX has become a staple in our product offering; with the evolution into AFX Formed and AFX anti-puncture, we can tap new business segments and brands looking to achieve better performance whether that is on a construction site or a marathon route,” said Carbitex Clark Morgan, VP, business development and customer product development. “Expanding the properties of our patented technology continues to bring new benefits to the footwear market, allowing for a transformational shift in traditional thought on how performance and utility footwear can be constructed.”

AFX-AP is Carbitex’s first step into the work and utility footwear markets and is available to brand partners beginning Fall 2022 for in-market product release in Fall 2023.

AFX Formed was introduced in Altra’s Vanish Carbon for S22 and soon to be released in the Saucony Endorphin Edge for F22.

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