CGTech presents its Smart-Tape project at JEC World 2022

CGTech will showcase its latest version of Vericut and its composites-focused applications, including Vericut Composite Programming (VCP) and Vericut Composite Simulation (VCS). CGTech will also be delivering a presentation on its SMART-TAPE project, that will transform the way components are manufactured.

CGTech presents its Smart-Tape project at JEC World 2022

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As the demand for lightweight, affordable structural components across transportation industries increases, so does the need to develop technologies for producing these parts, thereby making manufacturing speed and efficiency essential. CGTech will present its SMART-TAPE project that aims to overcome any barriers to efficiency and throughput by delivering novel multi-material (hybrid) processes, using carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tapes in conjunction with low-cost metallic and polymeric substrates, for volume applications. The presentation will be delivered on May 3rd in room 513, at 10:30 am to midday with a free buffet lunch until 1 pm. They will then be repeated in the afternoon from 1 pm to 2.30 pm.

VCP gives composite part designers complete control over their part and can be used to program any number of machines. The latest version of VCP delivers enhanced collision checking performance, such that it can now use more detailed models, and a new path generation scheme for wrapping material following a variable angle.

VCS gives an entire organization the confidence needed to run composite NC machines correctly the first time. Version 9.2 of VCS features a new Laminate Collison Detection functionality that reports any collision between machine components and the tapes being laydown, while a new function for laminate core-sampling analysis can find program errors in the ply layup sequence, excess material and missing material.

Meet CGTech will be at JEC World 2022, hall 5, stand P30.

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