China Composites Expo restarted in Shanghai with exhibitors more than ever

China Composites Expo (CCE), the biggest composite exhibition in Asia-Pacific, is back on track following three years suspension owing to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

China Composites Expo restarted in Shanghai with exhibitors more than ever

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The long-awaited event, soon to be staged from September 12-14, has gathered nearly 800 exhibiting companies, some 140 more than the highest record achieved in 2019, echoing the historic relocation to a new and bigger venue, the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

The National Exhibition and Convention Center at Shanghai.

China’s robust composite industry
Growing with CCE is the confidence in China’s composite industry, which though severely hindered by the outbreak of virus, retained a stable compound growth rate between 5% to 6% in the most difficult three years.

In 2022, tens of companies stood in line to apply for their initial public offering (IPO); dozens released plans to open new subsidiaries; scores initiated construction of new production lines; and hundreds more were newly established to share the benefits of a growing composite market.

Sources from China Composites Industry Association indicates that, by the end of 2022, China accounts for 43% of the global composite market share in volume and 38% in value, further strengthening its position as world’s biggest composite market.

Such vast demand for composite materials is driven by the desire from a wide array of application sectors for higher strength combined with lighter weight.

In 2022, China’s homegrown jetliner C919, 12% made with composite, obtained certification for mass production. In 2022, the country produced more than 7 million new energy vehicles, ranking world’s top for 8 consecutive years. The same year, 120 GW installed capacity sourced from wind and photovoltaic energy were added throughout the country. China’s market share for wind and photovoltaic components increased to 70%.

Composite innovations intensively exhibited
The widening range of application is attributed to the consistent progress on the innovation of composite technology which, found no way for public exposure in the past three years, will certainly be reflected at the 2023 edition of China Composites Expo.

Just to name a few representing the diversity of application sectors:
1) Recycled carbon fibre notebook a cover (Electronics)
2) The torch of Beijing 2022 Olympics and Paralympics Winter Games (Sports)
3) Thermoplastic train skirt (Rails)
4) Co-curing panels of civil aircraft fuselage (Aviation)
5) Large-size composite wing ribs (UVA)
6) Multi-wall structure RTM net size aileron (Aviation)
7) Recycled carbon fiber front frame (Automotive)
8) Composite frame (Photovoltaic)
9) 3D printed PEEK-CF composite intake manifold (Automotive)

Many more to be found at the upcoming China Composites Expo 2023.

Diversified activities concurrently presented
Aside from a larger-than-ever 60,000 m2 exhibiting space, attendees will also get access to a variety of activities:

The return of international communication
With the lift of travel restrictions, international visitors will return to the show, rebuilding face-to-face communication interrupted since 2020. National pavilions will be seen at China Composites Expo 2023 for the first time, and applications for invitation letter from abroad is visibly increasing.

Being the weather vane of a highly-competitive market, China Composites Expo can provide new composite application scenarios and cost-effective composite solutions, both signify valuable business opportunities.

“I hereby extend a sincere invitation to colleagues and end users in the global composites industry to join our annual gathering and resume the offline face-to-face communication that has been interrupted for the past three years. We are ready, and we eagerly look forward to welcoming global composite professionals to come together to promote communication and development at CCE! “ said by Zuo Yang, Managing Director of organizing Committee of CCE, “Let’s join this long awaited reunion”.

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