China’s Geortek has applied high-strength carbon fiber to the temples of AR glasses

Goertek, a Chinese high-tech company which was established in 2011, with focus on the R&D, marketing and manufacturing of high-precision components and smart hardware, collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to unveil the new wireless AR (augmented reality) smart viewer reference design based on the Snapdragon® XR2 platform. It is designed to improve time to market for vendors who would like to develop AR products based on Snapdragon XR2 platform.

China’s Geortek has applied high-strength carbon fiber to the temples of AR glasses

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The glasses can be wirelessly tethered to a mobile phone or PC through Wifi6/6E and Bluetooth, and has a complete hardware configuration to support various application scenarios such as office work, game entertainment, task guidance & remote assistance, learning & simulation training. 

On optics, the new AR reference design adopts an upgraded ultra-thin free-form optical solution, equipped with a 1920 * 1080 resolution micro-OLED display, with the glasses’ front frame thickness reduced by nearly 40%, with a more user-friendly shape. Moreover, the balanced weight design on the front and rear of the glasses effectively optimizes the feeling of overall weight-bearing and makes wearing more comfortable. 

Goertek has applied high-strength carbon fiber to the temples of the AR glasses for the first time, which increases the strength while making the device lighter and thinner; the tail of the temples is wrapped with a deformable soft material titanium alloy, which is more comfortable for the head and fits the population with different head circumferences; in terms of heat dissipation, a passive cooling solution is adopted to efficiently redistributing the heat of the smart viewer effectively reducing the body temperature; the smart viewers are also equipped with Goertek’s self-developed near-ear acoustic module, which ensures sound quality and privacy. 

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