China’s Shanghai Electric unveils a 112-meter-long offshore wind blade

The S112 ultra-long offshore wind turbine blade independently developed by Shanghai Electric group was successfully rolled off the production line at Zhongfu Lianzhong. With a length of 112 meters, the blade is currently the longest offshore wind turbine blade in China, according to Shanghai Electric.

China’s Shanghai Electric unveils a 112-meter-long offshore wind blade

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Zhongfu Lianzhong (Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co.), a subsidiary of China’s CNBM group, is a key national enterprise integrating the development, design, production and service of composite products. Zhongfu Lianzhong’s main application businesses include wind turbine rotor blades, FRP pipes and tanks.  

Shanghai Electric says the 112-meter-long blade is using a family of airfoils with high lift-to-drag ratio and low roughness sensitivity, giving it excellent wind energy capture capabilities. The blade has also high robustness to complex environments and can ensure high stability during its life cycle. 

Designed in accordance with the latest international standard IEC61400-5, the blade is comprehensively checked for safety. Through structural innovation, the weight of the blade is reduced to the lightest, so that the cost and reliability of the whole machine can be optimized. 

The carbon fiber blade design technology is adopted to give full play to the advantages of high specific modulus and high specific strength of carbon fiber materials, making the unit lighter and more efficient. 

The blade development process fully considers all aspects of the entire life cycle of large offshore blades such as manufacturing, transportation, installation and maintenance, and strives to create this ultimate wind power blade. 

“Driven by technological innovation, our mission is to develop highly competitive blade products and to continue to reduce costs in the entire blade industry chain, says Shanghai Electric. Facing the vigorous development and fierce competition of offshore wind power, as a leading manufacturer and service provider of offshore wind turbines in China, we have always pursued reform and innovation, and are committed to meeting the high reliability requirements of offshore wind turbines with better solutions.” 

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