Composite-Expo 2021 highlights innovation in the composites and advanced materials industry

The 13th edition of Composite-Expo exhibition organized by Mir-Expo Exhibition Company was held on on March 30 to April 1, 2021, at Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia. The event is a traditional annual business meeting place of Russian and foreign industry experts, manufacturers, suppliers & consumers of composites, technologies & equipment for composites finished products.

Composite-Expo 2021 highlights innovation in the composites and advanced materials industry

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During the exhibition, postponement to 2021 because of the pandemic and compliance with restrictive measures, the participating companies were happy to take advantage of the opportunity to personally communicate with potential customers and presented several new developments and equipment samples to numerous visitors of the exhibition.

Hereunder some innovations highlighted during the exibition:

Airtech Europe presented new products for resin infusion

Airtech Europe presented Flowlease 160-PP200

The company presented Flowlease 160-PP200 that combines a high weight knitted flow mesh with a layer of their PP200 non-woven release ply and is intended to be used in resin infusion applications. Due to the high open structure of the knitted mesh, the high resin infusion flow can be achieved with most resin types. Great labor savings can be achieved by having combination of products applied in one operation as opposed to applying one layer at a time. Flowlease 160-PP200 will be applied on the top of the carbon or fiberglass fabrics.
Flowrunner PP2 is a flexible resin runner for feeding resin over parts in the resin infusion process. Constructed with a 1,3 cm (½”) spiral resin line and 5 cm (2″) wide PP200 fabric, Flowrunner PP2 can be easily positioned in a vacuum bag pleat. Flowrunner leaves minimal imprint on panels and can be easily removed from cured laminates.
More information: www.airtech.lu

AVTOPLAST LLC presented a line of continuous molding for fiberglass sheets

The company presented a line of continuous molding for fiberglass sheets up to 3000 mm wide with a decorative-protective (gelcoat) coating. The production capacity of the line allows to produce up to 3 million square meters of fiberglass sheets per year.
More information: www.avtoplast.net

ITECMA presented their line of polymer resins, adhesives, carbon fabrics and prepregs

Resins includes epoxy resins, bismaleimide resins and innovative phthalonitrile resin (operating temperature in composite up to 350 °C) for infusion and RTM processes. Itecma phthalonitrile resin possesses unique epoxy-like ease of application and can be used for industrial production including high-temperature tooling.
More information: www.itecma.ru

Alexey Kepman (Itecma LLC / Podolsk, Russia) interview

Raduga Synthese presented their latest products

The company produces ands sells polyester, alkyd resins, polyester polyols, accelerators, desiccants, paints and varnishes for furniture and industrial purposes.
More information: www.raduga-sintez.ru

BauTex presented complex multilayer fabrics

German – Russian company BauTex presented complex multilayer fabrics, that have up to 4 layers with width up to 4 m and max weight up to 2000 g/sq m.; multiaxial fabrics up to 6 layers of roving in main directions 0°,90°,+45°,-45° (axial angle can be changed) with width up to 2,54 m and areal weight up to 2000 g/sq m.; materials for pultrusion: stitch mats (stitched mat with less resin consumption) with width up to 2,54 m.
More information: www.bautex.ru

VISL Composites offered unique interactive training

Courses include theoretical training and practical exercises developed by the French academy Composite Academy on the basis of a unique platform, online support of the trainee by an instructor, passing an online exam, checking the knowledge gained and a complete report on the student’s success and diligence, as well as obtaining a certificate of successful completion of training.
More information: www.vist-composite.ru

GMK LLC presented resistive and induction heating system

The company presented at its stand innovative developments and products in the processes of resistive and induction heating, high-performance carbon thermal insulation.
More information: www.gmkcarbon.ru

Polotsk-Steklovolokno JSC presented their latests glass fiber products

Polotsk-Steklovolokno JSC presented their latests glass fiber products

Joint Stock company “Polotsk-Steklovolokno” is a manufacturer of glass fiber products for different branches of industry, as well as for composite industry. They highlighted on their booth direct and assembled rovings, woven rovings, fabrics for GRP, E-glass chopped strand mats (emulsion binder), chopped fibers, glass yarns, basalt fiber and products on its basis.
More information: www.eng.polotsk-psv.by

Composite Stroy highlighted polyester resin systems

Composite Stroy highlighted polyester resin systems
Composite Stroy booth at Composite-Expo 2021

The company showed polyester resin systems with reduced volumetric shrinkage (less than 1%); polyester resin systems with a higher heat distortion temperature over 150°C to achieve a much faster molding process; polyester gel coats and resins for high thermal conductive molds manufacturing; epoxy resin systems with low moisture absorption characteristics for the boats, yachts and surfboards manufacturing; advanced infusion and injection low viscosity epoxy resin compounds that enables structural composite parts and tools manufacturing with glass of carbon fiber; pouring epoxy resin compounds that are optimally suited for processing in larger quantities and for casting layer thicknesses of up to 150 millimeters.
More information: www.composit-stroy.ru

LAVAintel SPC highlighted continuous basalt fiber production

The company presented effective technologies which are used to produce continuous basalt fiber based on 800-,1200-, 1600- and 2400 bushing assembly based on platinum and rhodium. This technology doesn’t have any analogs in the world and helps to produce the basalt fiber which are equal to glass fiber by technical and economical properties.
More information: www.lavaintel.com

Andrey Sharonov (NPC LAVAintel CJSC / Andreevka, Russia) interview at the 13th Composite-Expo 2021

SIAMS developed automation solutions and software for optical microscopes

The company presented microstructure analyzers based upon motorized optical microscopes allow running automated quantitative microstructure analysis of composite materials. Complex includes analysis of particles in composite mixture, analysis of carbon fibers, volumetric analysis of carbon plastics, superconductor cross-section analysis, etc.
More information: www.siams.com

The exhibition was visited by about 5,400 specialists from various industries, and was attended by 100 companies from 15 countries.

More information www.composite-expo.com