Composite honeycomb sandwich panels

JEC Europe 2015 – Sponsored Innovation – ThermHex technology allows the production of honeycombs from different thermoplastic materials (including PP, PA, PC, PET, ABS, PPS, PEI and many others).

Composite honeycomb sandwich panels

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Several companies use EconCore’s technology to produce sandwich panels with different skins in a continuous, cost-effective process or apply GRP thermoset composite layers onto ThermHex honeycomb cores.

Triggered by the market trends, EconCore has been recently focusing on sandwich panels 100% based on thermoplastic composite materials.

Sandwich panels with glass fibre-reinforced thermoplastic skins offer a set of properties and are the company’s latest development. These sandwich panels with skins made of reinforced thermoplastics (usually PP or, for applications demanding higher heat resistance, PA) offer not only good rigidity at minimal weight but also toughness due to the thermoplastic composite material system. EconCore, working with partners, has proven the good thermoformability of this sandwich solution and the readiness of adapting the conversion technology for mass-scale automotive and transportation applications. The company can produce such composite panels in smaller series and is evaluating the perspective of licensing the integrated ThermHex technology for larger volume production.

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