Composite Integration introduced the new generation of the Ciject Two

The Ciject range includes innovative equipment for delivering mixed resin within RTM, Light RTM, VRTM and Infusion processes. The equipment is produced with award-winning design and the highest quality engineering, creating a range widely acknowledged for being the most sophisticated available.

Composite Integration introduced the new generation of the Ciject Two

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The new Ciject Two utilises Siemens latest powerful modular PLC and touch-screen HMI enabling the addition of a wide range of options and control functions. New benefits include a flexible control platform which simplifies future upgrades as well as a new, easy to use interface with additional control, data logging and security features:

• Simplified ‘easy to use’ interface
• Comprehensive configuration and recipe control.
• Improved datalogging for quality control and process analysis
• Greater user/administrator security and accountability

These features further develop the fundamentals of a Ciject Two and create a more comprehensive yet flexible control platform for composites technology, whilst retaining a simple format for their end users.

The equipment is targeted specifically towards manufacturers who require precision control and accountability, with abilities for RTM, LRTM and infusion processes within one machine. The Ciject Two is already recognized for its well proven technology within a wide variety of sectors.

The Ciject Two range is capable of processing Epoxy, Polyester, Vinyl Ester and Phenolic resin systems, with low-cost conversion kits to enable a quick and easy change between material types. The ability to work with a variety of closed mould processes and be used to manufacture parts from less than 1kg shot size, to large structures greater than 1000kg, places the Ciject two as the most versatile machine in the market.

Richard Bland, Managing Director of Composite Integration commented:
“The Ciject range has long been recognised as one of the most capable and versatile resin injection machines available. The engineering team at Composite Integration work continuously to evolve this capability and bring new technology to the end user, ensuring it is closely matched to the process requirements. With more than 30 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing this type of equipment, the team can be proud of this latest generation Ciject Two.”

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