CPIC Abahsain Fiberglass resumes production of its F01B line

China’s major glass fiber producer Chongqing International Composites Co., Ltd. (CPIC) announced that in Bahrain, the F01B line of CPIC Abahsain Fiberglass Company was successfully ignited and resumed production.

CPIC Abahsain Fiberglass resumes production of its F01B line

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In 2013, CPIC acquired 60% of Abahsain Fiberglass M.E., W.L.L. (AFG) in Bahrain and established CPIC Abahsain Fiberglass Company. At present, CPIC Abahsain Fiberglass Company produces more than 100,000 tons of glass fiber products annually, serving more than 800 customers in 60 countries around the world. Previously, production of the F01B line was suspended due to the expiration of the furnace, and CPIC Abahsain Fiberglass Company undertook the reconstruction of the production line. 

CPIC deputy general manager Wei Zecong pointed out that the re-ignition of the F01B line will not only increase the production capacity of CPIC overseas production lines, but also confirm Bahrain company’s solemn commitment to customers, employees, suppliers and CPIC’s partners. 

In the context of the rapid recovery of the global economy this year and the short supply of glass fiber products, the production resumption of the Bahrain F01B line can quickly increase the production capacity of glass fiber, effectively guaranteeing the supply of overseas markets, especially the EU, India and Turkey, and increasing the company’s service capabilities for global customers. 

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