Diab to acquire PEI thermoplastic foam production line from Sabic

Diab has agreed to acquire the ULTEM™ foam production line from Sabic and will incorporate this resin-based foam into its current portfolio under the name Divinycell U.

Diab to acquire PEI thermoplastic foam production line from Sabic

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Diab CEO Tobias Hahn says:
“We are excited to broaden our portfolio with the acquisition of the ULTEM™ foam production line and develop the technology further. This will strengthen our position in the market, enabling us to offer even more fit for purpose core material.”

Divinycell U is a recyclable polyetherimide (PEI) thermoplastic foam targeted for use in aerospace applications. With intermediate densities positioned between our current F50 & F90, we will be able to now provide 60 & 80 kg/m3 densities which results in potential significant weight saving opportunities

Diab CEO Tobias Hahn continued:
“Diab already has an excellent product for FST applications in Divinycell F. With Divinycell U, we can broaden our offering to the aerospace market with a product that has even better fire properties.”

Scott Fisher, Business Director, ULTEM™ Products and Additives, Sabic said:
“Diab is a well-recognized company offering advanced capabilities in the light-weight material space with broad access to aerospace and industrial markets and customers. Sabic looks forward to collaborating with Diab to continue advancing the adoption and growth of the ULTEM™ resin-based Divinycell U foam.”

DIAB will relocate the acquired production line equipment to its manufacturing site in DeSoto, Texas, USA. Beginning Q3-2021, Diab will produce and market the Divinycell U portfolio to existing and new users of the ULTEM™ resin-based foam.

More information www.diabgroup.com