Electroimpact launches Scorpion AFP4.0

The Scorpion combines a COTS FANUC M-900iB/700 with Electroimpact’s production proven modular AFP process head.

Electroimpact launches Scorpion AFP4.0

40 secondes

Although inexpensive, this AFP system takes no shortcuts and is a full featured AFP4.0 lamination system. this system is used in production to manufacture lighter carbon fiber parts.

Scorpion layup demonstrations

The Scorpion AFP4.0 can work with thermoplastic, thermoset, dry fiber, & towpreg.

This is AFP4.0 in a box that includes:

  • FANUC M-900iB/700 Robot
  • 4 lane 1/4″ AFP head
  • Vacuum Flat Charge Table (2.5m x 3m capacity)
  • Laser safety enclosure
  • Operator Interface
Scorpion cell overview

Modular AFP Head Features:

  • 4 lane, 1/4″ tow baseline AFP
  • 2 segment “eye-safe” Laser heat or 4 segment high output Laser heat
  • Servo Creel

Process Capabilities:

  • Initial Feed: 4000″/min (100m/min)
  • Re-feed: 3000″/min (75m/min)
  • Cut: 3000″/min (75m/min)
  • Min piece: 4″ < l < 5.5″ @1200″/min (30m/min)
  • Thermoplastic, Thermoset, Dry Fiber, & TowPreg
More information www.electroimpact.com