ENRX and ROCTOOL combine their expertise to electrify molds on a global scale

ENRX and Roctool sign a long-term agreement to offer manufacturers of plastic and composite parts sustainable molding with the world’s most advanced “mold electrification” program.

ENRX and ROCTOOL combine their expertise to electrify molds on a global scale

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ENRX, a global green tech company on a mission to speed up the journey for a sustainable future, offers inductive heating, charging and power transfer with low or no carbon footprint – technologies that provide value in manufacturing and mobility applications worldwide. ENRX has been supplying key components to Roctool, for its molding technology for more than 10 years.

Roctool, leader in molding heat and cool technologies, develops unique molding solutions using induction heating mainly for plastic injection molding and compression molding of composites.

Bjorn Eldar Petersen ENRX’s CEO and Mathieu Boulanger Roctool’s CEO, sign their agreement on the 13th of September 2023 at Shanghai.

ENRX is well known for its induction expertise in many fields. Induction heating is commonly used by global automotive brands, major electrotechnical companies, large steel tube and pipe manufacturers and in many other industrial segments worldwide. One growing segment is heat treatment related to components for renewable energy generation and storage products. Replacing gas, water or oil heating with induction heating also reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

With this alliance, the two companies are now multiplying efforts on a global scale to combine ENRX unmatched expertise in sustainable solutions, with state-of-the-art induction heating solutions and Roctool, heat and cool molding technologies. ENRX gathers more than 1200 patents of induction technologies and is reinforcing Roctool existing patent portfolio of molding technology by induction for composite and plastics.

ENRX and Roctool now have capabilities to support global manufacturers in their quest of sustainable molding with the most advanced “mold electrification” program. Plastic parts manufacturers and composite parts manufacturer can now benefit from such offerings.

ENRX CEO, Bjorn Eldar Petersen comments: “Year after year, Roctool has been growing its number of users thanks to its molding technology performance. We are now excited to fully support this technology in order to take it to the next level as we see that the plastic and composite market need efficient molding solutions to reach their sustainability goals. Mold electrification will become a new standard for many manufacturers.”

Roctool CEO, Mathieu Boulanger comments: “This alliance represents a critical step in Roctool progress. We are excited to work closely with ENRX on a global scale and provide manufacturers the most advanced systems and services for their heat and cool molding needs”.

ENRX and Roctool’s alliance will increase technical services and on-site support for Roctool technology existing and new users, more demonstration and trial capabilities on a global scale, extended technical expertise for new projects related to heat and cool performance and energy consumption and an improved presence in North America, China and India.

Featured image: Bjorn Eldar Petersen, ENRX’s CEO presents the ambitions of the agreement with Roctool