Equinox’s sustainable pickleball paddle made with BioFLX™

BioFLX™ natural fibers used in Revolin Equinox have an 85% smaller CO2 footprint than leading carbon fiber pickleball paddles.

Equinox’s sustainable pickleball paddle made with BioFLX™

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Revolin Sports, an industry leader in pickleball equipment and innovation, revealed it is the first manufacturer to incorporate a natural, flax and hemp-based composite as the sustainable material used to comprise the main surface of its powerful, Equinox brand of pickleball paddles. Called BioFLX™, the composite material is a significant advancement in sports materials, not only for its unprecedented sustainability, but for its impact on pickleball performance. BioFLX™ creates speed, control, vibration dampening, and power through exceptional new technology that is designed to deliver results for every type of player.

Hugh Davis, CEO and co-founder of Revolin Sports, and Sophie Vanden Bosch, the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Revolin Sports.
Hugh Davis, CEO and co-founder of Revolin Sports, and Sophie Vanden Bosch, the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Revolin Sports.

Flax and hemp fibers are both considered to be environmentally friendly alternatives to synthetic fibers, with an 85 percent reduced carbon footprint, recyclable and derived from a renewable resource. Unlike any material of its kind, Revolin’s BioFLX™ combines multiple layers of fibers from hemp and flax, among the strongest plants in the world, with a specially engineered resin system to create a never-before-seen biocomposite face that is stronger than fiberglass, more forgiving than carbon fiber, and removes the vibrations which commonly cause tennis elbow. 

Flax and hemp from Revolin Sports. BioFLX designed for pickleball to make the best Pickleball Paddles
BioFLX™ is made out of super strong, renewable hemp and flax fibers

“Advanced materials are used in equipment to heighten performance across dozens of sports, but there is nothing better than giving athletes the tools they need to succeed, while also being kind to the Earth,” said Hugh Davis, founder of Revolin Sports. “I’ve competed in pickleball for nearly a decade, and ultimately, that’s why we’re in the game, to innovate the sport that we love, and empower other players with better performing, more sustainable equipment.”

Revolin’s leading product, the Equinox, is a USA Pickleball approved pickleball paddle. Every paddle is designed, manufactured, and assembled in West Michigan, and each paddle features their proprietary BioFLX™ flax/hemp-based composite face. BioFLX™ is the first and only natural fiber composite face used in pickleball that offers better feel, balance, and power than any other paddle, including the leading carbon fiber composites.

Every model and every face in the Equinox line of paddles are uniquely designed using advanced technology that puts an even greater emphasis on center and off-center ball speeds. The result is a lighter, more sustainable pickleball paddle with less vibration, softer feel and touch, greater control and fewer variances on serves and returns.

“Revolin’s Equinox paddles are phenomenal products, with an amazing aspect of control, without sacrificing power,” said pro pickleball player Davey Williams. “The dampening aspect is huge, because it also helps reduce the pain from tennis elbow, shoulder issues, wrist issues, and more. I don’t feel vibrations. I just make ripples on the courts with the performance my paddle offers.”

THE EQUINOX REACH Lightweight Pickleball Paddle
THE EQUINOX REACH Lightweight Pickleball Paddle

What is BioFLX™?
BioFLX™ is the newest high performance material designed just for pickleball. It’s made out of super strong, renewable hemp and flax fibers. Invented by Revolin Sports in 2019 and patent-pending, BioFLX™ is more durable than fiberglass, more forgiving than carbon fiber, and naturally vibration dampening.

BioFLX™ fits your game
They designed BioFLX™ specifically for pickleball with hemp and flax. These natural fibers are exceptionally strong and elastic. This gives players plenty of power. Hemp and flax are also known for dampening vibrations. They dispense the shock from the ball. Without the shock, players have improved touch, feel, and control.

BioFLX™ reduces vibrations
Vibrations from pickleball equipment can hurt players over time and worsen injuries. BioFLX™ reduces vibrations 200% better than fiberglass and 20% better than carbon fiber due to the cellulose structures of hemp and flax. By dispersing the shock from the ball, BioFLX™ reduces potentially harmful vibrations. 

BioFLX™ helps the planet
Most popular pickleball paddles are made from carbon fiber and fiberglass. These materials have a big carbon footprint. They looked to nature and created a solution. BioFLX™ is made from flax and hemp fibers that actually sequester CO2 as they grow. This material is renewable, biodegradable, and has a much smaller carbon footprint than popular alternatives.

Revolin Equinox paddles are available in Classic and Reach dimensions, as well as light- and mid-weights. All Equinox paddles feature BioFLX™ and are currently available online for ordering starting at $144.99.

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