Exel Composites appoints John Mertic as new area sales manager for North America

Exel Composites has appointed John Mertic to the role of area sales manager for North America to handle growing business across the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean. With experience in growing sales leads, Mertic takes up the role from the organization’s production team in Erlanger, Kentucky, and will lead the business’ telecoms offering across the continent. The appointment comes at a time where the company is looking to expand its footprint in North America.

Exel Composites appoints John Mertic as new area sales manager for North America

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Mertic joins Exel from M. Holland Company where he was a sales representative in resin distribution. He has built a wealth of leadership experience, previously holding managerial positions at automotive door lock manufacturer, GECOM Corporation, and is well positioned to support the business development and growth strategies for Exel in North America.

A recipient of a prestigious soccer scholarship for the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Mertic completed his marketing degree and started working as a sales intern for DENSO, exploring sustainable technologies for the automotive and transportation industry. Upon completion, he took on an account manager role at GECOM where he managed global automotive manufacturer Toyota, overseeing $20 million in annual sales.

“My career beginnings were in sales, which is how I came to understand the importance of new business development and growth. I feel my experience reflects well in my ability to understand any customers’ needs and, hopefully, I can use it to help Exel expand its footprint across the USA and Canada,” said Mertic. “Exel has a some very innovative composite solutions for the 5G market, and I’m looking forward to meeting with new and existing customers to see how we can solve their challenges with composites.”

“Beyond the industries with which Exel is well established, such as telecoms, there are numerous potential growth sectors in North America. For instance, my experiences within the automotive and plastics sectors have given me the drive to explore how thermoplastics could be used to make transportation more sustainable,” explained Mertic. “My role here will not only help to integrate composites into these applications, but also to expand Exel’s visibility and market share across the USA as a whole.”

“What’s more, with a major push to implement sustainable technologies on the horizon, it is pivotal organizations like Exel work with customers to ensure that business requirements are met for now and the future,” Mertic added. “Ensuring a sustainable future is the core of the business and I’m excited to be a part of this team of forward thinkers.

“The USA and North America are of great strategic importance to Exel, and John’s experience in sales and customer care across two key industries makes him an asset to the global team,” commented Olli Teva, SVP Marketing and Sales at Exel Composites. “Having John on the Erlanger team will help ensure that all our customers, present and future, are well equipped to solve their challenges and save resources using composites”.

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