ExOne offers AMClad industrial 3D printed tooling

ExOne is now able to offer this solution following its recent acquisition of the assets of Freshmade 3D, an Ohio-based startup that developed the patented process of creating AMClad products on ExOne’s industrial sand 3D printers. The AMClad process takes advantage of the fast output and large-scale capabilities of ExOne binder jet technology to quickly create complex shapes without hard tooling, printing directly from CAD models.

ExOne offers AMClad industrial 3D printed tooling

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Manufacturers can now replace the high expense and long wait times required of conventional tooling with an AMClad solution. By 3D printing inexpensive sand forms and then strengthening those shapes with a patented infiltration and coating process, AMClad delivers tooling and end-use designs that eliminate extra steps, cost, and design limitations.

AMClad Tooling is durable enough to be used for a wide range of tooling applications, including:

  • Composite layup molding
  • Vacuum forming
  • Compression Molds
  • Urethane Casting Molds
  • Trim Fixtures
  • Hydroforming
  • Sheet Metal Stamping

AMClad tools are more durable than other low-cost tooling options and able to withstand high temperatures. They’re durable enough for hundreds of cycles, and even allow for full vacuum to be pulled in the forming process, all without delamination or failure.

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