Fill presents state-of-the-art solutions such as augmented reality and virtual reality at JEC World 2022

Fill invites attendees to the Future Zone at the JEC World 2022 trade fair in Paris. Latest developments in the machining and processing of composites combined with perfect utilization of digital information create the conditions for a new production era.

Fill presents state-of-the-art solutions such as augmented reality and virtual reality at JEC World 2022

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Intelligent simulation models open up innovative opportunities in production planning, material utilization, productivity, reliability, and system intelligence. The multilayer high-performance laying system as well as solutions from the field of non-destructive testing (NDT) are further highlights on Fill’s exhibition stand.

“Consistent further development of digitalization in all production processes leads to comprehensive solutions, such as augmented reality and virtual reality. Man and machine in unison. This symbiosis sets new standards in terms of quality and productivity,” explains Wilhelm Rupertsberger, Head of the Plastics Competence Center at Fill. The Fill Future Zone can be seen live at the leading composites trade fair JEC World 2022 in Paris.

Fill Future Zone

The Fill Future Zone combines virtual and real processes symbiotically. Comprehensive digitalization in the sense of Industry 4.0 ensures highest quality and maximum productivity in the machining and processing of composite components for the automotive, aircraft, and aerospace industries. The Fill Cybernetics smart factory solution connects to all the machines and systems in a factory and enhances them with intelligent algorithms. The smart process control system optimizes not only component flows but also the capacity utilization of plant and machinery. In parallel, production and process data is collected and documented. Platform-independent dashboards designed individually to customer specifications provide an excellent overview and enable detailed analyses of production and machines. This guarantees high availability and a significant increase in productivity.

multilayer – from the 3D component to the laid stack

High-performance laying system multilayer

Thermoplastic composites are becoming increasingly important in the international market. With the development of the multilayer, Fill shows how efficiency and quality complement each other perfectly. Multiple parts can be produced simultaneously with the high-performance laying system, downtimes are minimized, and the optimized tape width drastically reduces waste. The system is programmed quickly and conveniently using the Fill tape studio software package. From the CAD geometry directly to the machine. This system technology raises the production of fiber-reinforced components to a new level. The digital products associated with the multilayer can be seen live in action on Fill’s exhibition stand.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) – robotic

Non-Destructive Testing

With the development of the NDT inspection method, Fill’s engineers have achieved a very special innovation in this field. Ultrasound technology with exceptionally high dynamics and integration in the fill studio software package deliver excellent inspection results in through-transmission and pulse-echo modes. The direct interface to offline programming makes it possible to simulate scan programs in fill studio. This process is facilitated by the integral native digital twin. In addition, the multimodal approach with a flexibly configurable, fully automatic, exchangeable coupling also allows X-ray applications to be integrated. Alongside traditional component position detection (referencing), component type recognition (validation), and part reconstruction, measuring with CAD comparison is a real technological highlight.

Upper Austrian hospitality

In addition to technical innovations and pioneering technologies, the Fill exhibition stand is also a popular platform for “analog” communication. In a relaxed atmosphere, Fill’s technology experts are pleased to explain technical details, opinions are exchanged, and the international visitors enter into conversation with each other. Moreover, little culinary treats are handed out, making the stand one of the industry’s favorite meeting places.

Meet Fill at JEC World 2022, in Hall 5, Stand N6.

More information www.fill.co.at