Finnester Coatings introduces innovative fire protection coating technology

Finnester Coatings introduced their innovative fire protection coating technology to the whole composites market, along with the opening of a new fire testing laboratory to support this activity.

Finnester Coatings introduces innovative fire protection coating technology

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Marketed as the RED product range, these coatings protect all types of composites (and some thermoplastics), utilising a combination of novel ceramification technology with controlled intumescence. They provide surface fire protection, as well as heat and smoke emission control, which is particularly important to ensure compliance with the regulations required by the transport and construction sectors. The thermal insulation properties of RED are also showing considerable promise for applications such as pressure vessels, battery casings and for offshore uses.

RED coatings are easy to apply by standard spray-coating techniques or may also be integrated into composite production (e.g. as gelcoats or in the filament winding process). They give a high-quality finish, meeting the customer’s colour, gloss and surface requirements. They are already in commercial use for outdoor applications in extreme environments, including uses on commercial shipping and for bridges and utility poles.

A key advantage to RED coatings is that they protect composites against fire without sacrificing the composite’s characteristics. Composite manufacturers can continue to use their own perfected composite structures, and effectively complete them by applying RED in order to meet fire protection requirements.

Meet Finnester Coatings team on JEC Composites Connect, 1-2-3, 2021.

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