First 100-meter marine blade manufactured by Zhongfu Lianzhong

China’s Zhongfu Lianzhong, part of CNBM group, has completed its first large-scale 100-meter offshore wind turbine blade in Lianyungang Blade Production base, Jiangsu province.

First 100-meter marine blade manufactured by Zhongfu Lianzhong

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The blade is 102 meters long and adopts new interface fusion technologies such as carbon fiber main beam, blade root prefabrication and trailing edge auxiliary beam prefabrication. According to the company, this process effectively shortens the blade production cycle and improves quality reliability. 

Zhongfu Lianzhong is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the development, design, production, testing and service of megawatt fan blades in China, with a strong R&D team, the largest blade production base and the most complete blade series products. Over the past ten years, Zhongfu Lianzhong and Electric Wind Power (part of Shanghai Electric group) have continuously expanded the scope, fields and ways of cooperation and established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship. The S102 blade produced this time is another important achievement of cooperation between the two companies. 

The annual power generation capacity of this leaf-type single unit can meet the annual electricity consumption of 50,000 households, which is equivalent to reducing 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

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