FORVIA launches MATERI’ACT to develop and produce sustainable materials

MATERI’ACT will propose materials with up to 85% CO2 reduction versus current materials.

FORVIA launches MATERI’ACT to develop and produce sustainable materials

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FORVIA, the 7th world’s leading automotive technology company, announced the creation of MATERI’ACT, a new brand to massively develop and manufacture cutting-edge sustainable materials. FORVIA is the first in the automotive industry whose “net zero emissions” objective is validated by the Science Based Target initiatives, and thus reinforces its technological advantage in the field to offer mobility experiences that matter to people.

MATERI’ACT develops, sources, produces and sells unique cutting-edge materials with low, and ultra-low footprint with up to 85% CO2 reduction versus current materials. The range of products includes recycled, bio-based and carbon-capturing compounds, bio-based foils, low CO2 carbon fibers, and green steel for the automotive industry and beyond. All sustainable materials from MATERI’ACT are aligned with the European Green Taxonomy.

The new entity brings more than 10 years of expertise in formulating and processing recycled and bio-sourced materials, including experience in variability management. MATERI’ACT will accelerate FORVIA’s ambition to be CO2 neutral in its products, in line with OEM’s objectives and end-user’s wishes to have more sustainable vehicles. With sustainable materials, MATERI’ACT will enable FORVIA and the industry to eventually reach net zero emissions.

From waste and bio feedstock management to renewable materials, MATERI’ACT mobilizes an entire ecosystem. For example, biomass introduction in compounds is enabled by the Joint Venture APM with INTERVAL, an agricultural cooperative producing hemp and its co-products such as fibers. Recycled content introduction in compounds is enabled by a Joint Development Agreement with key partners (Sustainable mobility: Faurecia & Veolia to pioneer in the use of recycled plastics in automotive interiors | Faurecia). Biomass introduction in coated materials is for instance supported by a Joint Development Agreement and a Commercial Agreement with Ananas Anam to develop and sell a sustainable alternative to leather made from waste pineapple fibers. By developing strong partnerships for bio-sourced and recycled materials, MATERI’ACT is securing both feedstock quantities and industrial readiness to meet customers’ performance requirements and to have a sustainable impact on the industry.

MATERI’ACT will be headquartered in Lyon, a dynamic and attractive industrial and academic city in France in the field of chemistry. A new Research & Development center as well as a pilot workshop will be operational in 2023 to continue enabling the development of sustainable materials with stringent technical requirements and to meet future environmental regulations. MATERI’ACT will employ 400 talents in 2025 and generate over 2 billion euros sales in 2030.

“With more than a decade of experience in the development of bio-sourced materials, FORVIA is acting one more time in the fight against climate change. With the creation of MATERI’ACT, we are acting by investing significantly in the development of materials with very low CO2 footprints. By 2030, MATERI’ACT will achieve over 2 billion euros sales and will foster sustainable and profitable growth on top of supporting our efforts to meet our 2030 CO2 reduction commitments.”, explains Jean-Paul Michel, Faurecia Interiors Executive Vice-President.

“Rethinking the way we design, manufacture, and use our products is a necessary step in the fight against climate change. Sustainable transformation of businesses is not just about reducing the negative impacts on the environment but also about creating a sustainable and profitable ecosystem. With MATERI’ACT, we aim at developing innovative material solutions while contributing positively to the industry, society and the environment”, declares Rémi Daudin, Vice-President Sustainable Material Division.

More information www.materiact.com