Galen-Panamerica announced new plant and new partnership

Galen-Panamerica announces opening of new FRP reinforcement manufacturing plant in Turkey and the partnership with Top Glass Industries S.p.A..

Galen-Panamerica  announced new plant and new partnership

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Galen-Panamerica LLC announced that it will open a new manufacturing plant in Free Economic Zone of Istanbul, Turkey. This latest expansion comes on the heels of strong last year growth for the company and is one of several new investments Galen has made in recent months. New equipment expenditures for several of its plants and the implementation of new technologies at the corporate level signal strong business growth for the composite rebar and custom reinforcement manufacturer.

“We’re very pleased to announce the opening of a new location in Istanbul,” says Valery Hurynovich, Operations Manager of Galen-Panamerica. “This is not only an opportunity to bring more jobs to the area, but it also allows us to further expand our manufacturing capabilities and meet the growing needs of the European market.”

The new facility plans an initial hire of 210 manufacturing employees, and is comprised of a 7500 square meter manufacturing area, along with raw materials and product storage. While the new Turkey plant will be initially set up to carry out composite reinforcement manufacturing, it will also serve as a warehousing and cross docking location for break bulk shipments all over the world. Top Glass Industries S.p.A. (Italy) is the business partner of Galen-Panamerica in European market distribution will be taking care of expanding the market opportunities.

Galen-Panamerica LLC is one of the biggest composite reinforcement manufacturers in the world supplying their products to the USA, Australia, South Korea, Middle East and Europe.

More information www.galenpanamerica.com