German gouvernment confirms its trust in Lightweighting at JEC Forum DACH 2021

During his keynote speech at JEC Forum DACH in Frankfurt, Werner Loscheider – Head of division for construction industry, lightweight construction/new materials, and resource efficiency (IVB4) at the Federal Ministry Economic Affairs and Energy – explained how Germany as a state strongly believes lightweighting in the answer to many challenges of our time.

German gouvernment confirms its trust in Lightweighting at JEC Forum DACH 2021

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Werner Loscheider, as German gouvernment representative, started his speech with : « Lightweighting is a game changing technology that make possible to have a sustainable production in Germany ».

The German gouvernment has established the lightweight initiative to promote lightweighting and the lightweighting atlas which gather 900 companies involved in lightweigthting in Germany including a strong share of Composites’ players. Germany has an important lightweighting process strategy plan with the motto « From the economy for the economy » published at the beginning of 2021. It has been followed by the Technology Tranfer Programme (TTP) for lightweighting.

The initiative funded 25 projets in 2020 for a budget of 39.1 million euros. A enveloppe of 82.8 millions for 58 projets involving 260 participants has already been approved for 2021.

One of the first questions to the companies which want to join the funding programme is : « what is the CO2 reduction your solution brings ? »

Lightweighting scope © BMWi
Lightweighting scope © BMWi

Germany is also involved in International networking in Europe, and also at global level with the Market Entry Programme for SME’s organized by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affaires and Energy (in 2020 with the USA, China and Israel and in 2021 with the Neterlands and Japan) and the MEP Collaborative project with South Korea.

Collaborative efforts are needed to find solutions to the climate change and for sustainability. Themes that were developped by other speakers of the session « Environmental protection & sustainability » session of the first edition of the JEC Forum DACH.

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