Greenpadel from Adidas with ampliTex flax fibres

After a two-year break the JEC World finally returned to Paris and Bcomp was very happy to present some of the newest developments at its booth.

Greenpadel from Adidas with ampliTex flax fibres

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Showing the Adidas Greenpadel racket at JEC World 2022

Attracting a lot of attention among the many parts, was the new Adidas Greenpadel racket. This high-performance padel racket was designed and constructed with our unidirectional ampliTex™ flax fibre reinforcements for extraordinary versatility in both offense and defense.

Renewable flax fibres for a more sustainable racket

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After its inaugural season, the original Greenpadel is now joined by a new addition to the family. The Adidas Metalbone Greenpadel offers players a new level of performance thanks to the outstanding vibration damping offered by flax fibres. Replacing the conventional carbon- and glass fibres with ampliTex™ flax fibres allowed the manufacturer to create a more sustainable racket that doesn’t need to hide from its high-end competition made with conventional composite reinforcements.

Using naturally renewable flax fibres instead of carbon- and glass fibres allows for a far more sustainable racket. Synthetic fibres are normally made from fossil resources in a highly energy intensive procedure. Flax fibres on the other hand are obtained from flax plants in a simple mechanical process. As a renewable and plant-based material, flax fibres sequester CO2 from the atmosphere during their growth and keep it stored for their entire lifetime.

Moving to more renewable materials is an essential step in making our high-performance sport equipment more sustainable.

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