Gremsy introduces Aevo : the heavy-lifting carbon gimbal

Gremsy, a leading manufacturer of gimbal stabilizers for professional cameras and drones, is pleased to announce Aevo – the heavy lifting carbon gimbal with the highest payload capacity ever for industrial applications.

Gremsy introduces Aevo : the heavy-lifting carbon gimbal

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Aevo is totally designed by Gremsy engineers with many upgrades in mechanics and electronics, aiming to bring a remarkable level of stabilization and reliability to your system.

Lightweight yet sturdy carbon construction
Aevo boasts a sturdy carbon frame construction, improved mechanical design, and high-torque brushless motors, which help to boost the gimbal’s rigidity while keeping it as light and compact as possible. In addition, carbon fiber structure adds incredible strength and lightness to your gimbal, making it durable, versatile, agile, and portable for on-field missions.

Built for massive payloads
Aevo is the optimal solution for users requiring large payload options with the best weight-to-payload ratio. Designed with an immense camera cage (230x195x200mm) and high payload capacity (up to 9kg), Aevo can accommodate large and heavy payloads efficiently. This makes the gimbal ideal for most large industrial cameras specialized in mapping, surveying hyperspectral imaging, and geodetic applications.

Superior image stabilization
Packed with the most advanced high-precision encoder, new stabilization algorithm, and high-performance gimbal controller series, Aevo greatly enhances image stabilization during flights with a lot of vibrations, ready to handle high-accuracy missions.

360° continuous panning capability
Aevo provides 360° endless panning capability, allowing the camera to easily capture every possible angle of the object.

Simple assembly. Fast configuration
Aevo is equipped with an advanced quick-release system that incorporates mechanics and electronics, providing safety, stability, and convenience of operation while permitting the passage of power and control signals for gimbal and camera. Quick release enhancements also allow USB 2.0, CAN, UART, S-bus, Spektrum, PPM, Bluetooth 4.0 connections.

Support M600 and Pixhawk-based drones
Aevo comes with a standard damping system for mounting on DJI M600 and multiple drone platforms based on Pixhawk (like Hyspex Drone, Gryphon dynamic drone, etc). Respectively, Aevo’s built-in Canbus & gSDK also give users the option to control the gimbal via M600 Lightbridge 2 or MAVLink 2 protocol.

SDK integration
Through a connection to the COM 2 port, Aevo supports both the SDK and the MAVSDK, enabling customers to operate the gimbal and easily integrate it into their own solutions.

More information www.gremsy.com